Kpop | R.Tee x Anda-What you waiting for

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R.Tee x Anda-What you waiting for

 R.Tee x Anda-What you waiting for

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Today, I would like to introduce some songs from Korea 's YG Entertainment.



◈ Song: What you waiting for

◈ Artist: R.Tee x Anda

◈ Album: What you waiting for 

◈ License: YG Enterainment Inc (YG Enterainment / THE BLACK LABEL agency)


◈ R.TEE is a producer and DJ.


◈ Anda


Soloist in South Korea. He made his debut with the name "Andamiro" with the concept of the next generation dancing diva. Andamiro is a Korean native language before the Korean Language History, meaning 'to overflow in a bowl'. Emperor Entertainment Korea has been in the Korean branch of Emperor Entertainment, Hong Kong's famous promotional company, but has moved to S-Team around 2017. Afterwards, he moved to YGX, which is led by big bang victory in 2018.


I wanted to be a singer since I was a kid, but I had to drill about 50 auditions in my high school since I was in the second year of high school because of my unique strong mask and big tits. I had a model offer, but I rejected the model offer with the dream of becoming a talented singer, but fell to college entrance exam. I was very regretful at this time, and I was confident that I hit the bottom, and that I wanted to be 'this way'. My mother, who majored in art, advised me not to dream in vain, saying, "Should not you live in ordinary life?" You really hated singing until you entered university.

However, the following year, after passing the Department of Performing Arts at Sungkyunkwan University, Andamiro has regained enthusiasm and ties with trophy entertainment. Despite his timid personality, he failed to audition 50 times without any support from his parents and eventually made his debut with his own efforts. My parents were proud to show the album as a result.

I thought I would debut as a girl group in my agency, but I did not think it would be harmonious with a unique mask and big keys, so I made my debut as a solo after a year of practice. I said, 'I did not make my debut solo, but I can not.'


In April 2012, he made his debut as a single, 'Do not Go (feat Yang Dong-geun)'. At the time of his debut, he was shocked by the unconventional look of fashion and the male back dancers appeared wearing tight skirts.

I wanted to show my body because of the big skeleton that made my diet worse, so I was fine. But male back dancers say they have a shirt on their waist to avoid the embarrassing situation in the waiting room ...

The visual aspect of this period seems to have been heavily influenced by British singer Jesse Jay. It seems that foreigners seemed to resemble Jesse Jay because of the unbelievable skirt fashion. I have also sung Jesse Jay on the radio and seem to be pushing on my Jesse concept from my agency.

In mid-September, 2012, I made a comeback with a song called 'Hypnotize', a Euro-style dance song. Some of the remixes on the album are remixed by a real European producer. In addition, there are English version, club remix version, Spanish version and so on. Spain, Greece and Europe are very popular. It is not as shocking as tidal fashion, but there are a lot of odd clothes influenced by Surrealist painting (...) and 'Lady in Korea' seems to have begun to get in full swing. There was a controversy about the plagiarism of 'Poker face' under the water because of the similarity of the refrain.

In the music video, she dresses up as a sexy maid and plays with a man. There is also a Spanish version besides the English version. He also appeared on Spanish television.

In 2015, he released songs such as' S will go, '' It's Goin 'Down' and 'TOUCH'.

When I debuted on the departure dream team, I answered that the debut song was not the MC's question but the S-song. At the time of the act, it is not known whether it is the direction of the agency or the direction of the person, but is not the real debut song.

Unlike the previous version, which is similar to the previous works, "S" would have gone, unlike "TOUCH", it appears as a stylish style, but it is more impressive because of its unique image technique and hidden code. If you look at the reaction video of overseas K-pop fans, you can see once again in the repeated editing that seems to be buffered, and once again surprised by the snug code.

In January 2016, I made a comeback with 'Taxi'. In this song, Anda presents a rap. It was originally scheduled to be released on November 18, 2015, and the M countdown comeback stage was caught, but the release was delayed due to the problem of the agency. It was the first time this album was released at the first fan meeting.

In February 2016, he was selected as an outdoor brand K2 model with Hyun Bin.

In September 2016, I made a comeback once again with 'Family-like'. Two comebacks since 2012 are the first time. The unique style of the movie was impressive, but I could not see the light.

In the SBS drama 'Sai Dang, Light diary' which was aired in January 2017, 'Anna' was used in Hyundai and 'Rish' in China. It was a drama that I had already shot in 2015, but due to the problems with the Chinese and the problem of organizing, the date of broadcasting was postponed indefinitely. Coming back to his own album in 2017.

She appeared on the triumphant "Sercell Tennis (1, 2, 3!)" Music video on July 20,

On April 3, 2018, we released an album featuring four new songs titled "Do worry Be happy" in collaboration with Primary. There are also four music videos for every song. The title song is Dressroom.


◈ Lyrics


You really don’t know me at all

It’s so frustrating, I’m burning up inside

Are you really all that?

You make me feel small

I’m not seeing you just because I have extra time

I’m ready to give all my love to you

Do you really not know?

I’m ready to give all my love to you

Why are you hesitating like this?

We both already know

Baby just put it on me, I’m ready for whatever happens

What you waiting for?

What you waiting for?

What you waiting for?

Everyone else knows but you

My excitement is fading away

How clueless are you?

You’re making me exhausted

What are you debating about?

We both already know

Baby just put it on me, I’m ready for whatever happens

What you waiting for?

What you waiting for?

Just give it to me straight

What you waiting for?

What you waiting for?

What you waiting for?


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