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oppa007 | 19 February, 2019 09:04


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Hi. Did you have a good weekend?
The video I would like to upload today is the song "It's A Good Time" by Space Girl (WJSN).


It is a 13-member girl group that is affiliated with Star's Entertainment in Korea and Hwa Entertainment in China. It is a very big girl group with more than 10 members since the 13th girl group i-13, which debuted in 2005, Is the largest number.
In the past, it was composed of two Korean members and three Chinese members, including Hello Venus of Pladis and Fantasia, NH Media and I Raumbo of Network.
The Names participated in the production as a producer. In February of 2016, it was 12 members when it debuted. In June of the same year, it appeared in Producer 101 in the same year.
We opened the teaser on December 2, 2015, and we opened the members sequentially from December 10, 2015.
WJSN, the initial girl of the space girl, released a group of three members by unit.
Group name Space girl can be read as a typical girl group of "Starship Entertainment".
In fact, it means that all 13 members will be centered, like the universe of space in any direction, and that it will become the best in the music industry like the universe, the world's largest being.
It also includes the meaning of 'girls who are our main character'.
The group logo is a design in which Heart is surrounded by Saturn and Uranus like stripes.
The second album, The Secret, was designed with a lock and arrangement,
The third album From. In space girl, she showed a design that arranged with four leaf clover.
The logo and design were done in the Million Archive, which was later designed by DreamCatcher,
She has accumulated a musical feature and story of the space girl with a coherent concept that matches the somewhat retro naming of 'ㅇㅇ Girl'.
For a short time after her debut, the space girl did not gain explosive popularity with her senior girl group SeSTA, who represented her company StarShip Entertainment, instead of following her career, establishing her own world view and musical identity. On October 2, 2018 , <Thank you> debuted 950 days in the first place in music broadcasting.

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